Pink will make your little boy gay

Lo and behold, once again people have completely missed the point.

One side of the public has turned what should have been a tender moment between a mother and her son in this J. Crew ad, into a revolution against trans-gender stereotypes. The other side has deemed this ad inappropriate as well as blurring the gender line. Watch video at MSNBC.

All I can say is that the little boy is five!  A five year old shouldn’t need to worry about spending time with his mom for fear blurring the gender line. God forbid the kid should spend time with his parent and have an interest in what the parent does.

Would the same controversy have come up if the ad had showed a little girl building a tree house with her dad?

Probably not.

Watch out! She might want to wear that stuff when she is older!

In fact, it is more likely that the ad would have been praised and considered innovative and cutting-edge. Showing a healthy and loving relationship between a father and a daughter while spending time and energy creating something together would have been accepted. No questions asked.

I hate to think what people would have said had the nail polish been black. But one thing is for sure: the news casters would have been talking to whole different group of people.

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